rockbandThere are many ways to brand yourself and stand out in a crowd. Being memorable and easily findable among 414+ million global business professionals takes work.

Composing a valued LinkedIn profile takes continual action: more than collecting factoids, pasting them together and leaving them to petrify. LinkedIn is not a spectator sport.

Here’s a brief collection of 7 strategic ideas I wrote to make your LinkedIn profile fresh and routinely reverberate in the minds of your prospects, one by one:

By all means, read your profile out loud to yourself to find typos, grammar, format inconsistencies, etc. Word processing is not reliable to pick up all mistakes. Nor is a quick reading.

Offer the final draft to a select group of trusted colleagues to read for content suggestions.

Ask them: “does this do me and my personal LinkedIn profile justice? Can I say anything better or with a different focus?” Take their well-meant responses to heart.