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2nd of 7 Essential Strategies To Rock your LinkedIn Brand

rockbandThere are many ways to brand yourself and stand out in a crowd. Being memorable and easily findable among 414+ million global business professionals takes work.

Composing a valuable LinkedIn profile takes continual action: more than collecting factoids, pasting them together and leaving them to petrify. LinkedIn is not a spectator sport.

Here’s a brief collection I wrote of 7 strategic ideas to make your LinkedIn profile fresh and routinely reverberate in the minds of your prospects, one at a time:

Pay attention to detail. Every single tiny little iota.

Be sure the format/style of each profile section is identical. Show the reader a well-tuned product.

Demonstrate that your work is carefully undertaken and presented. Ensure the reader can grasp the themes you convey, each section expressed differently, but still unified and clearly articulating why you do what you do.

The individual elements of your profile should correlate to reinforce your overall brand. Tell the story chapter by chapter but cohesive in voice and message.

One false move and you have lost the opportunity to impress.

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