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1st of 7 Essential Strategies To Rock your LinkedIn Brand

rockbandThere are many ways to brand yourself and stand out in a crowd. Being memorable and easily findable among 414+ million global business professionals takes work.

Composing a valuable LinkedIn profile takes continual action: more than collecting factoids, pasting them together and leaving them to petrify. LinkedIn is not a spectator sport.

Here’s a brief collection I wrote of 7 strategic ideas to make your LinkedIn profile fresh and routinely reverberate in the minds of your prospects, one at a time:

Speak naturally to the reader. Use “I” and “my” throughout your entire profile. Add power verbs to paint a more vivid picture of your professional brand (I especially like this:

Then use the proper verb tense depending on the profile section: past tense for the Experience section (except in your current position); present and/or future tense in your Summary to show your orientation to seek new challenges; present tense in the rest of the profile.

Never make it seem you lazily cut and pasted from a stilted, backward-looking resume with its shorthand bulleted phrases. Never.

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