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Infectious entrepreneurial enthusiasm on #LinkedIn

2womenmeetingNot all weeks are equal.

Last week was quite busy, full of surprises.

This one is starting out with a bang. I just had my third article published on, there’s a new one-to-one coaching client starting this week, I am starting another three-session cycle for unemployed baby boomers, offering a presentation at a regional conference, my new 15th anniversary edition business cards for my other businesses to go to the printer and–ssshhh–(something else to be signed that will just have to wait to be announced!)

The entrepreneur is his or her own cheering squad. Some days, some weeks, some months better than others. All good. It’s the responsibility of the entrepreneur to own his or her LinkedIn profile, update it with continuous news and keep the spirit lively.

You need to approach your LinkedIn profile from the POV of the attention-deprived reader, with gusto and professional poise. Not too much. Never too little.

Why listen to the oft-caricatured used car salesman pump himself into a frenzy? On the opposite side of the scale, who buys boring services?

Find your voice. Express it for the record and keep tweaking it. Add new original material and curate others’.

Keep the infectious enthusiasm flowing.

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