I came across this graphic again and it’s every bit as relevant now as it was when I first blogged about it more than 2 years ago.


from http://www.tlnt.com/2014/08/05/building-a-strong-team-it-really-takes-an-emphasis-on-trust/

No, I am not speaking about political candidates, although they have a lot to learn from this graphic.

I am speaking to you, and to myself. If we do not come across as trusted, and all its attributes below, we lose the opportunity to make an initial indelible impression.

Story: I recently witnessed two people nearly come to fists at a networking meeting over a stupid verbal interchange. One went even further (and I won’t even discuss it further). Both lost my trust and besmirched their character, so I take issue with all of their virtues that lie underneath Character in the diagram.

And as far as competence, how could I ever consider referring them to a client or colleague?

I did what I had to do. I trusted my instincts and later, my heart and mind. They lost my trust. I severed the LinkedIn connections and they are no longer colleagues. No shades of gray based on what I saw.

So in describing my negative experience, let’s focus on a positive one: look at your LinkedIn profile and determine if your narrative demonstrates why a stranger can become a trusted colleague based on what you say about yourself on LinkedIn (why I do what I do). And what endorsers and recommendations say about you (how you do what you do).

By building your brand using this graphic, you can be in a commanding position, above the competition.


Marc W. Halpert

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