When you make a statement on LinkedIn, you are claiming it is true in front of your entire peer group, all 414+ million business pros.

So it had better be something you can talk to if asked.

You will be challenged.

And it had better be true.

When you make a statement containing a metric “I saved the company $50 thousand by { },” you must give context so we know how much it made a difference.

Let’s face it, saving my little company $50K would be historic, outstanding and earthshakingly brilliant. Naw, let’s say more than that…press release worthy.

Saving $50K at {insert name of a Fortune 500} is a lot less meaningful. The waste in big corporate (and I have seen it in my past life) is astonishing. Savings of this magnitude pales by comparison.

So please use metrics and details to demonstrate your prowess on LinkedIn, and when you make a claim, be sure it is positive, and not threatening as you see above, but only make it if you can substantiate it and carry it out.

Context, folks. That’s how you demonstrate why (and how) you do what you do.