guest blogBy David Rein, Strategic Digital Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur and owner of Rein Group LLC

As an Internet marketer, I am always strategizing new ways to leverage the Internet to bring more value to my clients. Being that we live in the digital world, and everything is connected to the Internet, there are a tremendous amount of opportunities to improve business. An Internet presence is comprised of many aspects, including but not limited to: design, development, social media, reviews, content. Everything must coexist in harmony and be powerful, consistent, and high quality in order to achieve the results you desire.

Besides the use of your own business website, social media has become a tremendous business tool, no matter what the industry. Each company requires unique marketing strategies depending on what they consider to be a “conversion”, what their target demographic is, and what they ultimately offer.  This leads to the need for outside marketers and company owners working hand-in-hand in order to truly understand the short and long term goals of the business.

Tapering off from social media in general, I would like to specifically review a business success story from the use of LinkedIn. “Escape the room games” is a new industry rapidly spreading throughout the world. They are great activities for friends, families, and workgroups, because it forces you to work together in order to solve a single problem at hand. Escape Entertainment – NYC uses LinkedIn to reach out to both company owners, HR representatives, and event planners so that they are able to spread the word about the experience they provide for their customers, specifically corporate clients. The quality and size of their facility and the expertise of their team-building experts, has successfully allowed them to use LinkedIn to spread awareness to decision makers, as well as simply gain notoriety across the business community.

(A note from Marc: Thanks very much, David, for contributing this success story. This is only one example of specialized use of LinkedIn. To the rest of you, do you have one you want to share in a guest blog piece?)

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