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Practice safe LinkedIn

embarassOK I goofed up yesterday and paid for it.

I tried to update my iPad to the new iOS version on WiFi and in the middle of the process, the connection to the iPad went out. Black screen.Cartoon of me at the left.

But…1.5 hours later with a really very helpful Apple tech support guy in NC, I was back up and running. Whew.

Which got me thinking on a tangent: what if I lost access to my LinkedIn profile? How can I keep a version handy just in case?

Well, you can request that LinkedIn send you an archive of your entire profile. It’s easy and fast.

Here are the steps:

Mouse over your profile photo at the top right corner of  any LinkedIn page and click  Privacy & Settings.


(You will have to input your password to continue as a precaution that it’s really you.)

On the next screen you will see,

requestarchivefind the the horizontal “Account” at the bottom and click “Request an archive of your data.”


In a few minutes I received this email:


The rest comes within 24 hours. In my case, 9 hours.

All of it, in 2 parts, can be downloaded.

Here’s a description of the data you will get

Save it on the cloud and/or your hard drive.

Practice safe LinkedIn.


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