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#LinkedIn for entrepreneurs

wrapupEntrepreneurs live by few rules. They are probably entrepreneurs because rules constrain their creativity. Or they left corporate America in search of their own unlimited destiny, no glass ceiling to splat into or bureaucracy to wade through.

LinkedIn is a blank slate for the creative sort. There are sections to complete, but the real challenge it to make it state your entrepreneurial spirit well enough to get the point across.

I have the pleasure of speaking at a SCORE NYC marketing conference this week. The title of my session is Deep Dive Into LinkedIn: Success Tips and Techniques for Fellow Entrepreneurs (as deeply as one can dive in 1 hour!)

My final slide contains the above take-away points.

There is always a lot of diversity in a group as to LinkedIn fluency. The creative entrepreneur will maneuver among these ideas and resonate. And still manage to bend a few rules.

The fun for me is seeing how they accomplish that.


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  1. I prefer to build boxes that suit me.. Thus discovering how best to her my LinkedIn profile to mimic my preference becomes a challenge. I generally favor my sensisibilites above all others when it comes to strategic messaging. Thus I welcome opportunities to learn techniques to appropriately “bend” Linkedin. Thank you.

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