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Mutual respect and business objectivity on #LinkedIn

FB not LII am not sure that everyone will agree with me but here goes…However at a recent business networking event a colleague came up to me to compare notes on this and we were on the same proverbial page…

I am not sure where its began but I am not sure I like it.

LinkedIn is not Facebook. Some (not many, but enough) business professionals are not acting professionally on LinkedIn.

It started with kitty pictures on LinkedIn. Then word games and number puzzles; even after politely reminding the originator that these trivialities do not belong on LinkedIn, hundreds continued to try to guess the answer. Hey guys, anything multiplied by zero equals zero. Amazing how many  business people slept thru math. All prevsiously appeared on Facebook.

Recently newborn pictures.Everyone at once: “Awwwwwww” but take this to Facebook .

Religious fervor, common on Facebook, though very rare on LinkedIn updates and Posts, as soon as it appears, gets called down. Then often taken down. Good. The self-policing quality of LinkedIn prevails.

FYI: LinkedIn has overall community guidelines (See section 3).  And if professional courtesy fails, it has in its user agreement a policy (Section 8.2) for inappropriate material and then also a procedure for taking care of offensive material.

Now the season, the politically-charged personal opinion material started to appear.

I admit I wrote some Presidential politics-inspired Posts on LinkedIn which later appeared in a mainstream business publication on the topic of LinkedIn profiles of the now dwindling number of Presidential candidates.

I veiled my own personal preferences, and reported the facts. But I never let my writing get so politically charged so as to create a hot headed debate. I do receive comments on these pieces and all have been honorable. I respect all opinions, even if I disagree.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, just place it in the right forum. LinkedIn is not a political forum. Let’s keep it that way.

Yet, political debate can so easily turn to a war of words. Things can be said electronically that are captured forever.

IMHO, that’s just not acceptable on LinkedIn.

I you have a personal political opinion that you just HAVE TO express, and in doing so you could potentially alienate or insult other business pros, take it elsewhere. Please. You will find the angry and ardent political debate raging in other social media.

Just keep it off LinkedIn. We have plenty of other meaningful and mutually beneficial material to discuss as business professionals.


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  1. I prefer to keep what I share on LinkedIn to professional topics or matters that other professionals might find of interest (think networking and related opportunities). It remains fair game though to share updates with links to posts and commentaries (including those things called blogs) hosted off this platform.

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