Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Coloring within the lines on #LinkedIn; outside too!



Coloring is all the rage. It’s been proven to stimulate the senses and reduce stress by focusing the brain on just one activity.Then the brain cannot stress out on the rest of our world’s troubles.

Simple. Brilliant. If used well.

Ah, there’s the rub…

I used to be a good colorer in grade school. Our local library recently held a Saturday morning coloring session and I found I still do it pretty well, on paper, and electronically, as my clients seem to hire me to help them color in between the lines they sketched.

That got me thinking (Oh no, you say to yourself, a LinkedIn parable…).

So I don’t disappoint you, the point I want to make is: a resumey-LinkedIn profile looks like a coloring book with only its lines drawn and nothing else.The reader gets just enough to make the mental image and connections.

But when colored in, filling in the details, you highlight with the richness of {I} {power verb} {why I do what I do} in, AHHHH, now you’re a person worth looking at further. And the reader thinking about you more, as the brain is prodded. For mental opportunities to fire up, you have to trigger the spark in the casual attention-challenged reader.

So, coloring in between the profile lines will make you richer looking, so add your personal tints, hues and tones.

And, coloring outside the narrative lines can be refreshing to the reader too.

  • You can be funny (see cautions on this topic in my earlier blog post this week),
  • You can talk about hobbies and leisure activities that round out your life,
  • You can link to a personal website you maintain for non-business activities, or about other business(es),
  • You can express opinions via LinkedIn Posts with your original thought leadership,
  • You can add colorful logos to your Experience jobs, and graphics, videos, podcasts, your Summary or Experience sections.

Just be professional in all cases.

Make us want to look at something visually interesting, want to read it, AND cause us to THINK about you vs. the competitor.