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Humor on #LinkedIn: caveat comedian

funny If being funny is your business service, please be funny.

If that’s not your industry, and it’s probably not, use humor cautiously.

Comedians know well the sound of chirping crickets when material flops. The same goes in business humor.

I have an attorney client who is quite funny. He carefully uses one small witticism in his LinkedIn profile. He knows when someone comments on his embedded joke, the reader was paying attention.

I borrowed his example and have a small joke in the Interests section of my profile. It’s a good place to add a bit of the real non-business “you.”

Have fun. Be funny sparingly.


1 thought on “Humor on #LinkedIn: caveat comedian”

  1. I like humor where appropriate. I looked at my interests section. I made a modest change to the first person but opted not at this time to share interests through some might be viewed in my bio (found on my website). My personal preference remains to drive people there. An interesting question though remains in the case of my profile; folks will need to plow through much other material before they even find that section. The choice of order of items in your profile certainly matters and in my case, I find merit in sharing many things ahead of that.
    As a total aside I also updated the how to contact me section to make clear folks I do not know need to share an email address if they expect me to respond at all.

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