broomUh oh, same issue as last time we “spoke” you searched on LinkedIn for your name and see you have more than one LinkedIn account.
But this time, you cannot recall the email ID and/or the PW you used to open the account you want to get rid of.

Luckily LinkedIn has a few protocols for that.

Here’s the link (and below is the screen print) from the Help Center page that deals with what you have to do, all depending on your situation:


From the page on the Help Center, you can click on the options that best described your own situation next to the sideways arrow (►) at the bottom of that screen print and get further instructions.

Help Center usually responds in 24-48 hours, sometimes more and often less.

Sometimes the connections for the old duplicate profile can be transferred to the new one.

Keep your profile updated and get rid of any old connections that don’t make sense any more or those whom you do not know.


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