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You duped yourself on #LinkedIn

2014-05-03 12.43.50Back to basics this week.

Using LinkedIn, search for your name.

Uh oh.

More than one LinkedIn account?

Know the email address and PW you used to open the LinkedIn account you no longer need?

It’s easy to close it:

  1. Go to Privacy and Settings in the top left corner when you mouse over your tiny photo:


2. Select the horizontal Account tab in the next screen and then the Close Your Account option:


That was easy, right?

The account is closed forever. Once the servers refresh, you will only have 1 LinkedIn ID.

Tomorrow: what to do when you don’t know both the email ID or PW.

1 thought on “You duped yourself on #LinkedIn”

  1. I encounter this from time to time. Many appear to develop LinkedIn profiles that relate to one’s current work; it could even follow the “local” program. More often it revolves around political candidate accounts set up by fundraising or social media professionals; for reason that never make sense to me, candidates or campaign directors/manager fail to get the relevant email and passwords to control these account and pay little head to their existence.

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