nfpNo one is born a thought leader. There is no advanced degree in the field at a university. You earn your stripes, through experience and expertise.

Unfortunately today the buzz words “thought leadership” are mentioned a lot, but not practiced well, or often enough.

I am pleased to gather around a thought leadership table once a month with 9 seasoned colleagues whose expertise covers nearly every aspect of the nonprofit sector. I learn much from them and provide my e-payment and social media perspective too, as we spend 2 hours to discuss trends, news, and actions to bring more clarity to the nonprofit sector.

When I was in corporate finance I had a Brazilian counterpart who would contact me with lofty ideas that were odd at first, until you thought them out loud with him on the phone.  He would start out the conversation saying (probably translating from the Portuguese), “Fly with me on this Marc, let’s see where it goes.”

This group I meet with? We call ourselves Nonprofit Flight Plan, “a free service for nonprofit leaders and board members seeking insights and action to help their organization. Our Crew Members are available to provide you with a Flight Plan—a written report with our recommendations, which follows a free one-hour assessment meeting with our experienced consultants and your leaders. The Flight Plan process is designed to help your organization achieve its goals and reach its destination.”

The benchstrength at the table is deep. The viewpoints are at the heartbeat of the industry. The camaraderie and collaboration are palpable. By giving our best, we offer a unique and valuable service.

Oh yes, it’s free. The cynics who say you get what you pay for need to see the reviews that past cases have reported back after a session with us.

Please pass along this blog posting to the Executive Director of a nonprofit who could use more clarity, objective viewpoints and actionable points. We want to assist.

And watch for our newest creation, gestating as of yesterday and coming soon to the NFP website: our In-Flight Magazine, with thoughtful articles that will clear away industry noise with insight and relevance that can help every organization.

We’re committed to regularly contribute true leadership in thought and recommended actions among nonprofits.

Fly with us.




Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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