Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Have a richer meeting using #LinkedIn

2womenmeetingI had 5 meetings slated yesterday, weather notwithstanding, starting 845 and the last one started at 230. Busy.

{NYC is a fabulous place but it greatly decreases in fabulosity on rainy windy days.}

I met each person as scheduled: east side, west side, all around the town. And I maintained a near perfect on-time arrival. Good for me. Hopefully as good for them, which I believe it was.

So the LinkedIn nugget of the day to have a richer meeting?

Here’s an idea how:

We have limited time and attention. Why waste time asking basic elementary questions (tell me what you do, how long have you done that, what’s your sweet spot, etc.) when you can know the answers ahead of time?

Of course, be polite and cordial, but certainly you MUST have read and thought about the person by reading his/her LinkedIn profile ahead of meeting them. Know their business and industry a bit to make the conversation more meaningful for both of you. Ask probing questions that surface by having thought through their profile commentary. Better Q&A will ensue.

Will they have read your LinkedIn profile? Perhaps not, but then you can pivot off their deeper comments based on your side of the conversation and can make it a win-win for both of you.

Thank them via LinkedIn messages, and if warranted, connect with them, again thanking them for the time and follow up with the deliverables that arose in your conversation.

Remember that LinkedIn messages appear in 3 places:

  1. on LinkedIn itself and
  2. as an email to the email box they associated with LinkedIn
  3. and in the CRM tabs you see on your connection page with them.

So you get 3 places to make an impression.

Can’t hurt.