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Can’t you make it any easier?

workonlaptopMy public library just started getting more security conscious, requiring a PIN number in addition to my 14 digit library card number.  Now I have a total of 18 alphanumeric characters to find out how much I owe in overdue fines!

Why did they make it cumbersome to use more digits online on an ongoing basis, not to mention the almost invisible place I had to find on their website to create a new PIN number?!?

Why aren’t online services designed more simply?

Seriously, I am all for security. I have previously blogged and strongly suggested you protect your LinkedIn ID and PW combo with two step verification. I gave step by step instructions and still some people found reasons not to do it.

And there are lots of talented people in LinkedIn who design it continuously in hopes to to make it easier to use. Well, IMHO they have some more work to do.  Often I hear the lament that LinkedIn is too hard to use, takes too much time to figure out. Though I tend to agree, my counter argument is: so were Word and PowerPoint too hard to learn, but I had to, so I did. Or be passed by. You did too. Now it comes so naturally and I appreciate its finer points; I rely on its capabilities to make me more efficient.

How did I learn Word and PowerPoint? LinkedIn?

One step at a time, but I worked on it and it took an investment of time and effort to bring rewards. I started somewhere rather than sticking my head in the sand, and I used that starting point as my basis; everything else that changed later in Word / PowerPoint / LinkedIn were additions to what I already knew so it was more easily absorbed.

I guarantee you LinkedIn will change again, a lot. In fact a colleague heard a speech by its leadership saying there will be quite a few changes coming soon. So long as they are good changes, fine, bring it on.

Keep moving onward with our essential social media tools. Never backward or even idling. No time for that!

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