color markersIt amazes me when I think of the diversity and breadth of people I am fortunate enough to coach in LinkedIn techniques.

Each of us has a dream, a vision and an offering that is unique in our field. Some juggle more than one at once (we “multipreneurs”).

The trick is to tell how and why you do it.


The best writers among us have the gift of words in their heads and fingertips and yet struggle to say “why them.” The least writing gifted among us know what they want to say but can’t put words around it.

The youngest among us are not afraid of speaking about themselves, but need guidance how to rein it in for their perceived audience(s). The most experienced and sage among us (notice I did not say “oldest”) have a hard time distilling down rich experience to a concise value proposition.

Some (many!) native English speakers cannot write. To those for whom English is a second language, wanting to express something deep leads them to toy with language clarity while co-opting idioms and metaphors, hoping to make the point well.

Today I coach a comedy writer. Next week a group of commercial real estate pros.

In the past it has been my pleasure to teach and coach novelists, recruiters, a foodtruck entrepreneur, a youthful 89 year-old, a high school senior heading to college in the fall, a pro sports manager, a Broadway actress, a radio and TV talk show host, many CEOs, an exterminator, a select group of insurance producers, a divorce mediator, many many nonprofiteers (my word coinage), association meetings filling the room to capacity with PR execs, entire corporate HR departments; and some artists, numerous IT nerds, teachers in all levels of education, renowned architects, CPAs in an offsite management meeting, interior designers who excel in 3D but 2D eludes them, bankers (ah! they needed this so badly despite compliance restraints which we met), the newly and chronically underemployed (a delight when they succeed!), wealth managers (again, compliance-compliant!), 2 makeup artists, hundreds of attorneys (alas, no marketing courses in law school!), even a private investigator, just to name a few.

There are more, but you get the picture. Perhaps you did several of the named professions ago….

The simple fact: we all need an objective sounding board to draw out of us the need to talk about ourselves–one of my missions. Then to refine the message and continually reinforce it–another passion.

LinkedIn is not going away. It gets larger and deeper with time. Embrace it and optimize it.

And if you need some help, or know someone who does, take a coaching journey with me. In my method, it’s fun, cathartic and we part friends and colleagues. Which leads you to referrals and new business.

Butchers: Let’s cut your profile to the bone, trimming the fat as we add more beef to the image you portray. Sharpen the editing knife and wrap up your life story for customers to take away…

Bakers: You need to mix together your life experiences, knead them into a better product, and let it cool. Then please share many crumbs of what makes you amazing-er than the next competitor…

Candlestickmakers: I have no experience with your industry yet (!), but it sure kindles my creativity. You will wax eloquently in your new renovated profile…

Groaning at what you just read? Sorry. It’s Friday.





Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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