influencerOnly 500 global thought leaders have been asked by LinkedIn to contribute their ideas and views as LinkedIn Influencers in Pulse.

When you look at the list, you will recognize many names but some are as yet unknown to me.

The list of Influencers include politicians, business leaders, professors, CEOs, NGO bureaucrats: globally based and oriented, men, women, all nationalities, diverse and accomplished.

Find a few you like, include their viewpoints in your Pulse feed so you can read their latest offering, expand your mind.

Their names appear on your personal LinkedIn profile too those you have connected, so this helps others get a glimpse at the orientation you have in your work, opinions, politics and admiration. An excerpt from mine:


Open your horizons to include thought leadership in expanding why you do what you do. Grow your outlook by reading; curate their opinions by sharing with your connections.

Who are you most influenced by in your Influencer group?



Marc W. Halpert

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