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Thoughts while shoveling


Snowmageddon. For those who got it worse than I did, I empathize. I recall very vividly the angst and agony of last winter.

Nature has a way of equalizing: 60 degrees Christmas Day 2015, 1-2 feet of snow a month later, depending on where you are.

Saturday I tweeted and updated on LinkedIn:

Snowing where you are? Not much to do but spend time online? DIG DEEP-recraft your profile to tell best “why you do what you do.”

While I shovel, I think.

I ponder how I can improve, why to stretch my services, how to better express it in my elevator pitch, my social media, especially LinkedIn, and why I can make a difference to my clients and prospects. How and why.

That’s (part of) what entrepreneurs have to do. If you don’t do it, no one else will.

I continually recraft my profile, though you may not see each iteration announced to all my connections and followers. I save the important announcements to distribute to you so as not to waste your time and become irrelevant for sharing too much “stuff”; the boy who cries wolf on social media is marginalized and thus ignored. We just tune the static mongers out.

Find your exercise, workout or other less cerebral effort and think deeply while you do it: improvement is physical, mental, emotional and social.

Where do you find the time and inspiration to better portray your values and offering?

1 thought on “Thoughts while shoveling”

  1. The key point I read (and hopefully follow): never a waste of down-time to look at literally and just from recall) one’s on-line presence and ways to improve. And I so agree with the recommendation to not “broadcast” every improvement/ tinker/ update to one’s profile. At the same time, i find it great to have a smaller group that you share “considered changes” for input. It becomes another way to build relations. I maintain a circle of colleagues (friends and certain family members included) who I “employ” as voluntary focus group when I look at changes. Informal but regular contacts becomes nice ways to interact when you may not be able to see folks in person as much as desired.

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