pianoFollowing yesterday’s theme that great works take time to complete, I saw a documentary named “Note by Note.”

It traces the numerous craftspeople who spend in total almost a year hand building, refining, and tuning a Steinway 9 foot grand piano, which has its own identity as L1037.

Each factory worker provides his or her own perception of what makes their work special and their decades-long role in the end product. Their pride in being a part of the quality and reputation is noteworthy. It’s not just a job but a career.

And the film shows us the viewpoint of the pianists who each see and hear something unique in each model they test out before they buy.

Like the piano, your LinkedIn persona needs to be proudly constructed, crafted, tuned and polished.

Then each person who comes across it will hear and see a different aspect from their unique POV.

Never be flat or sharp. Pitch perfect is the goal. It takes work, not once, but continually.