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I do love a success story, especially in a way that LinkedIn helps someone gain new business.

So from colleague and client Adrian Walter-Ginzburg, President of Caring Transitions of New York City, who helps “people with the stress and mess of relocations: manage Senior Moving, Downsizing and Estate Sales, including full or partial liquidations of personal and household items at the best prices” comes a story of validation and execution with LinkedIn as a catalyst:

I was on the verge of signing a contract with a couple (husband aged 94) to manage their move from the Upper East Side to NJ. They had been dragging their feet, and I thought they would never agree to finalize our agreement, even though their moving day was rapidly approaching.

After nearly a month of inaction and fruitless conversations, the husband finally said, my son, the lawyer, has to see and approve the contract. I said, fine, no problem, you could have said so sooner (I think I might have muttered that part under my breath rather than saying it aloud).

I sent the contract to the son, and soon got a call, come and get the signed agreement and your deposit. I was very glad.

What does this have to do with LinkedIn? The next time I logged into LinkedIn, I saw that the son, whose name I recognized, had looked at my profile. After seeing my education and experience, he understood that I was probably a safe bet to help his parents move. My profile helped me land that job. This is the first time that I saw such a direct association between LinkedIn and an actual job.

Thanks, Adrian for your success story as you told me and were kind enough to commit to writing for this blog. I am certain there will be more such stories.

Readers: I suspect there are many more direct association stories between LinkedIn and booking new business from you. If you have one, please contact me to share in a future Friday guest blog piece such as this.


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