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e-hugs on #LinkedIn

Continuing with the theme of newsworthy sharing, yesterday I spoke of telling others in our entourage/connection groups of our successes and news.

networkingConversely, we need to congratulate others. Electronic hugs allowed.

Generally, LinkedIn allows you 3 levels of e-hugging for material or news you read that others post:


  • “likes”
  • “shares”
  • “comments”

Use the one or more of these that express the level of your admiration for the colleague’s submission.

It’s OK to go beyond a “like” (which is all too easy and way too fast to do), and to submit to the the urge to “share” this with others {one, some or all of your connections}.  Or best, when you have truly been impressed and want to add your own words, in your style, “comment” your congratulations.

In social media e-hugs are encouraged.

In LinkedIn we keep it professional which is not to say we do not affect each other in a strong personal way. Judging from the relationship you have with that person and the level of data or news they convey, choose your e-hugging strength from what LinkedIn offers.


Like, but consider giving deeper, even if it takes a bit more time to share with others or to craft a personal comment.


3 thoughts on “e-hugs on #LinkedIn”

  1. When you comment, please say more than you liked it or great idea. Give an indication how you will act on the information. Or take issue with what was said. Why does anyone beside the author need to know you liked what was said?

    1. Janet, thanks for the comment and I completely agree that it us far more useful to the global conversation we have in Linkedin to take a few moments and add value (like you just did on this blog posting as well) rather than “like-and-run.”

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