Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Exciting news coming this week!

news5Yes, I am gurgling with some exciting news that I hope to share with you this week.

Just not yet, until the deal is fully sealed. But we are really close!

In the spirit of “it’s OK to talk about yourself,” I often exhort my colleagues to share their news on LinkedIn (personal and/or company profile pages) when they verbally mention something exciting at a meeting or in conversation. “Do other people care?” they seem to say in their stare at me.

Well, yes, we back slap each other on achievements and share with our communities; that’s what we do for each other as colleagues and trusted connections.

So if you have news you think might help one or more, share it. Tell us.

We want to know. If you don’t tell us, we won’t be there to congratulate you. And the more you share that is relevant and valuable the more you blip on our radars and the more we can refer you, top of mind. Right?

And you can tease us a bit too, like I did in the first lines of this coming attractions at the cinema.

Tell and show.


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