Given the choice between a plastic bag full of washed, near-perfect root vegetables or a box of sandy, curvaceous, chipped produce, most of us are programmed to buy the clean and well-formed ones.

damaged goods

The price for the bumpy ones gets discounted, seemingly unwanted.

They might still have the same nutrition as their more perfect competitors, but we consumers buy with our eyes.

Typos and poor grammar on your LinkedIn profile, poorly explained verbiage inadequately demonstating WYDWYD, lack of video or slide decks showcasing the quality of your work, or (gasp!) just a reprint of dull lifeless resumish material all get discounted, or worse, discarded from consideration.

Click, goes the reader, on to the next competitor.

Is your LinkedIn profile aesthetically challenged?


Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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