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Conversational #LinkedIn 101

Following on yesterday’s theme of re-gifting yourself:

Do you speak and converse fluently in LinkedIn?

Or do you talk to only yourself in it?

It’s time to open the conversational abilities that I teach you and below you will see a great example of the global discussion you can have when you ask in the right way.

Open a LinkedIn conversation by asking an open-ended question, for instance:

What’s the first book you’re reading in 2016? Would you recommend it to others?

The responses create a virtual conversation from which we call can benefit:


What can you add to the mix?


1 thought on “Conversational #LinkedIn 101”

  1. Hey Marc, honored and humbled that you’d highlight this thread in your post. I remember when I first started using social media and began discovering we can approach is as the virtual soapbox where it’s a one-way pontification of our point of view (and we all have them). OR, think of it as the virtual watercooler where we gather to exchange ideas through conversation. While, I do both, I prefer the conversational approach.

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation and encouraging others to do the same.

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