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No butchers, bakers or candlestickmakers (yet)

color markersIt amazes me when I think of the diversity and breadth of people I am fortunate enough to coach in LinkedIn techniques.

Each of us has a dream, a vision and an offering that is unique in our field. Some juggle more than one at once (we “multipreneurs”).

The trick is to tell how and why you do it.


The best writers among us have the gift of words in their heads and fingertips and yet struggle to say “why them.” The least writing gifted among us know what they want to say but can’t put words around it.

The youngest among us are not afraid of speaking about themselves, but need guidance how to rein it in for their perceived audience(s). The most experienced and sage among us (notice I did not say “oldest”) have a hard time distilling down rich experience to a concise value proposition.

Some (many!) native English speakers cannot write. To those for whom English is a second language, wanting to express something deep leads them to toy with language clarity while co-opting idioms and metaphors, hoping to make the point well.

Today I coach a comedy writer. Next week a group of commercial real estate pros.

In the past it has been my pleasure to teach and coach novelists, recruiters, a foodtruck entrepreneur, a youthful 89 year-old, a high school senior heading to college in the fall, a pro sports manager, a Broadway actress, a radio and TV talk show host, many CEOs, an exterminator, a select group of insurance producers, a divorce mediator, many many nonprofiteers (my word coinage), association meetings filling the room to capacity with PR execs, entire corporate HR departments; and some artists, numerous IT nerds, teachers in all levels of education, renowned architects, CPAs in an offsite management meeting, interior designers who excel in 3D but 2D eludes them, bankers (ah! they needed this so badly despite compliance restraints which we met), the newly and chronically underemployed (a delight when they succeed!), wealth managers (again, compliance-compliant!), 2 makeup artists, hundreds of attorneys (alas, no marketing courses in law school!), even a private investigator, just to name a few.

There are more, but you get the picture. Perhaps you did several of the named professions ago….

The simple fact: we all need an objective sounding board to draw out of us the need to talk about ourselves–one of my missions. Then to refine the message and continually reinforce it–another passion.

LinkedIn is not going away. It gets larger and deeper with time. Embrace it and optimize it.

And if you need some help, or know someone who does, take a coaching journey with me. In my method, it’s fun, cathartic and we part friends and colleagues. Which leads you to referrals and new business.

Butchers: Let’s cut your profile to the bone, trimming the fat as we add more beef to the image you portray. Sharpen the editing knife and wrap up your life story for customers to take away…

Bakers: You need to mix together your life experiences, knead them into a better product, and let it cool. Then please share many crumbs of what makes you amazing-er than the next competitor…

Candlestickmakers: I have no experience with your industry yet (!), but it sure kindles my creativity. You will wax eloquently in your new renovated profile…

Groaning at what you just read? Sorry. It’s Friday.





Today's LinkedIn Nugget

The #LinkedIn company we keep

cooperate1The world is indeed a small place. Ever get the feeling everyone worth knowing knows everyone else in one way or another?

And the benefit of having high quality connections is that they are able to address your abilities and needs and connect you with other high quality connections. Like seeks like kind.

I have written in the past of the privilege of connecting to others on LinkedIn: their unique relationship to you and yours to them, a 50-50 proposition.

Each side gives to the other in a very rich way: willingly offering more than they theoretically expect to receive back, reciprocally, and somehow when enough of this happens the world is in perfect equilibrium, and great things do result.

Be sure that keeping great company satiated is a full time effort. In our fast-paced and seemingly unwieldy world, concentrating on being there for the “right” people is a noble use of precious time; dropping the “wrong” people is sometimes necessary, adding new “right” people is also a way to continue to grow the circle. But it comes with the responsibility of feeding and nurturing the elastic circle continuously.

Nurturing? LinkedIn provides that of course: sharing materials worth reading, providing thought leadership to help others feed their food chain, making the right introductions, and offering assistance when needed, even if not requested outright.

Which presumes we all have incredibly compelling profiles.

Use LinkedIn well. It will serve you even better.



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Cast a giant shadow on #LinkedIn

You know you must be memorable in all your endeavors: better than the lowly customer service standard we all reluctantly tolerate; more client centered than the rest of the competition; smarter than the average bear. If price comes into the equation, and it always does, the customer must feel he/she is getting more than their money’s worth.

So how to be larger than life? Memorable? Appreciated?

Commit to educate, coddle and service your community, however you define it. And do so frequently. With quality in your efforts. 

I am fascinated with the smart businesspeople, writers, educators, attorneys and pundits I meet who fail to curate great material and share it with colleagues in LinkedIn. Share, please what you find valuable

I am further concerned that many of these minds could write their original ideas in LinkedIn Posts and become thought leaders among peers and followers. Please tell us what trends you are perceiving to enlighten us more.

Even adding pictures, video, slide decks and pdfs is easy on LinkedIn. If you post these, we recall them better than the written word alone. 

It takes little effort to add to the personal learning network we all have with each other. So try it, please.

Cast a shadow so we are more apt to recall, recognize and refer you as the one person who comes to mind as THE candidate for that job, proposal, RFP, gig, project. 

This only comes about when you are top-of-mind to the colleague. But it takes work to be memorable and “ping” on someone’s mental radar.

It’s all too easy to go radio silent and be forgotten. 

Which do you choose? 

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Who are your #LinkedIn Influencers?

influencerOnly 500 global thought leaders have been asked by LinkedIn to contribute their ideas and views as LinkedIn Influencers in Pulse.

When you look at the list, you will recognize many names but some are as yet unknown to me.

The list of Influencers include politicians, business leaders, professors, CEOs, NGO bureaucrats: globally based and oriented, men, women, all nationalities, diverse and accomplished.

Find a few you like, include their viewpoints in your Pulse feed so you can read their latest offering, expand your mind.

Their names appear on your personal LinkedIn profile too those you have connected, so this helps others get a glimpse at the orientation you have in your work, opinions, politics and admiration. An excerpt from mine:


Open your horizons to include thought leadership in expanding why you do what you do. Grow your outlook by reading; curate their opinions by sharing with your connections.

Who are you most influenced by in your Influencer group?



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16 biz days into 2016….

incarticle_15dec15_2106 resolutions(

A short post today in that there’s little original here today. Just something I produced a few weeks ago.

How many of these resolutions that was published in my article 15Dec15 on did you start?

How many can you complete and master?

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Thoughts while shoveling


Snowmageddon. For those who got it worse than I did, I empathize. I recall very vividly the angst and agony of last winter.

Nature has a way of equalizing: 60 degrees Christmas Day 2015, 1-2 feet of snow a month later, depending on where you are.

Saturday I tweeted and updated on LinkedIn:

Snowing where you are? Not much to do but spend time online? DIG DEEP-recraft your profile to tell best “why you do what you do.”

While I shovel, I think.

I ponder how I can improve, why to stretch my services, how to better express it in my elevator pitch, my social media, especially LinkedIn, and why I can make a difference to my clients and prospects. How and why.

That’s (part of) what entrepreneurs have to do. If you don’t do it, no one else will.

I continually recraft my profile, though you may not see each iteration announced to all my connections and followers. I save the important announcements to distribute to you so as not to waste your time and become irrelevant for sharing too much “stuff”; the boy who cries wolf on social media is marginalized and thus ignored. We just tune the static mongers out.

Find your exercise, workout or other less cerebral effort and think deeply while you do it: improvement is physical, mental, emotional and social.

Where do you find the time and inspiration to better portray your values and offering?

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Eating with the competition

thankyou1I attended a wedding and met a competitor who works nearby. Soon thereafter he asked me to lunch. Hesitantly I accepted.

Ya nevah know.

Indeed. After an enjoyable lunch I came away finding a resource for something a client needed asap that he knew of, but we were soon to start to develop. Likely: energy and effort saved.

During the lunch we realized how much we complemented each other in our aims and our business orientation though with different industries. New referral opportunities.

Coming to the proverbial table with the wrong attitude was my fault. Congenial and honest conversation led to cross-referral opportunities.

Back at our respective offices, he immediately emailed with more material to further the good feeling from the lunch.

Rats-he sent it before I could email a thank you!

To Rich, this is the biggest thank you I can send you!

Mandatory LinkedIn moral to the story: I familiarized myself with his background via LinkedIn before the lunch.

It’s what happened at the lunch and after it that pleasantly surprised me.

Ya nevah know.



Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Your LinkedIn profile and your creditworthiness

LI-soupI was just alerted to a new article in American Banker that appeared on 08Dec15 “Are LinkedIn Profiles Better Credit Barometer than Loan Applications?” by

His statement:

“A person with a healthy LinkedIn account, who has a full profile and updates their background on a fairly regular basis, can be expected to behave in certain, predictable ways and may exhibit certain attractive social demographic characteristics to a financial services company.”

positively intrigues me.

It’s yet another reason you have to look your best and continually share your best on LinkedIn.

As I told a class the other day, on LinkedIn, once you have perfected a great profile, it’s better to routinely give than receive and you never know how it comes back to you, perhaps even in reduced points on your mortgage…


Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Note by Note

pianoFollowing yesterday’s theme that great works take time to complete, I saw a documentary named “Note by Note.”

It traces the numerous craftspeople who spend in total almost a year hand building, refining, and tuning a Steinway 9 foot grand piano, which has its own identity as L1037.

Each factory worker provides his or her own perception of what makes their work special and their decades-long role in the end product. Their pride in being a part of the quality and reputation is noteworthy. It’s not just a job but a career.

And the film shows us the viewpoint of the pianists who each see and hear something unique in each model they test out before they buy.

Like the piano, your LinkedIn persona needs to be proudly constructed, crafted, tuned and polished.

Then each person who comes across it will hear and see a different aspect from their unique POV.

Never be flat or sharp. Pitch perfect is the goal. It takes work, not once, but continually.

Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Start the #LinkedIn diet

weighYou feel it: that jiggle that tells you that your weeks of holiday enjoyment have left you with LinkedIn “wobble.”

No new inquiries on LinkedIn while you were doing other funner things.

You can’t quite admit it to yourself but you know you need to make a change in your habits to accomplish your goal,  but how?


Not via “10 easy ways to find 50 new connections” or “4 simple hacks that make your LinkedIn profile appear on everyone’s radar.”

Fast never works. It backfires–you look lazy, using the fast method. Your eezy peezy fix looks like everyone else’s. Yikes!

And the hated LinkedIn wobble returns as you regress to your old ways.

Ok, the real work that has to be done is going to make you sweat. Get ready for it:

Start slowly and assess what you want to achieve: more valuable connections, wider influence via Posts, more business inquiries.

Then open Microsoft word, copy your LinkedIn profile sections and paste into a new saved document. Section by section, work on revising and telling your own story, just like I have been suggesting on this blog.

Not easy and not quick. It takes introspection and time and most of all, creativity.

No distractions.

No forays to the refrigerator.

Work at your own pace and save every new iteration you create. Some will be better than others. Mop your brow.

Mix and match: use some components, phrases, concepts of one iteration with the best of another until it all comes together.

Save it again. Let it “cool” and return to it when you are fresh.

Rework as needed. Save each revised section.

Stop. Take this important extra step now to keep from annoying your connections.

When all sections have been revised and together they tell why you do what you do, drop it into LinkedIn in one swoop.  Then tell all your connections to have a look. Ask for advice to make it even better.

There, it took time but you excised the fat and made the remaining profile much leaner with more muscle.

Keep exercising your story to bring new attention to your value proposition. Regularly.

Go seek new business now. It will not come to you until you send others to your profile. And don’t you look greater now!