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But wait–there’s more!

“Who would be what he is, desiring nothing extra?” –from Renaissance author Michel Montaigne.

I am not known to quote philosophers, but I came across this statement, which I found most thought-provoking.

notesIt played in my head as I was speaking for 30 minutes to a roomful of smart business pros.

I was pleased to see they were paying keen attention. NO smartphones open…writing away…

Each of them (and I reviewed their LinkedIn profiles ahead of time) could say so much more than what he/she had shown on the LinkedIn personal and company profiles.

My take-away points to them: say more, show graphics, demonstrate why you do what you do.

They desired more, but had not shown a whole lot extra.

Perhaps that’s why they were taking notes…


And a note for you: I will be taking the next 2 weeks off from daily blogging as I concentrate on the book I am writing.

I look forward to resuming the blog in the new year.

I wish you happy holidays and a peaceful (!) prosperous new year.

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  1. I often take notes to make changes, tinkers on the web and social media. One recent change led to several others. What was was very good, perhaps even excellent and enough; what’s now works so much better and better reflect this correspondent. Takeaway: be open to making things better.

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