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Having a #LinkedIn podium doesn’t give you the right to speak your mind

trust2The rhetoric of the current political discourse is designed for short sound bites, and anything said that is offensive or controversial can be explained away, so they think.

That is not the experience we entrepreneurs are afforded.

Every word, every basis point, every contact lies in the balance: win or not win the business. A trapeze act: one miss can end the connection.

So it is with LinkedIn.

You have a nano of a nano second to make an impression. Wrong words, images or nuances in your profile or Posts, and it’s on to the next competitor.

And fortunately for all of us, the word and numbers games have gone by the wayside. I opined on that every time I saw one. “LinkedIn is not like Facebook,” I wag my finger.

And more remarkably, the politics, religion and fear mongering of the press (and it certainly is all over Facebook and the rest of social media) has been spared us on LinkedIn.

Not that this can’t happen as we approach the very contentious US national elections in November 2016…

So if you see something, say something.

Our power lies in the numbers of us who take the time and have the guts to admonish the poorly behaved.

2 thoughts on “Having a #LinkedIn podium doesn’t give you the right to speak your mind”

  1. Generally correct. However, those who work in media or in and around government and politics get involved in may craft pieces, not found on LinkedIn, that just may be expressive and of interest. Posting an update that links to a commentary is fine. Those who want to click; others can move on.

  2. Well said. At the end we only have our name.
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