shareI am not a fan of the mobile version of LinkedIn. Never have been.

{No one can explain to me in plain language why the mobile version cannot be the exact same as the desktop version. Even when I use my web browser on my iPad, it’s different than what I see on my desktop. No, not size-wise, but subtle differences in functionality.}

Last week when LinkedIn made wholesale changes to the mobile app for the sake of ease of use, they took two steps back and three steps forward.

Back: you cannot view the mobile app in landscape. I already harangued on that. I look forward to the next version rectifying this.

Forward: the previous mobile app was packed full of all the stuff we do on LinkedIn in one place–the new version has split the functions into separate, discrete apps (results of a search on “LinkedIn” in the Apple Store):

  1. LinkedIn Job Search
  2. LinkedIn Connected for interpersonal communication
  3. LinkedIn Pulse for news and reading matter
  4. LinkedIn Groups
  5. LinkedIn SlideShare for graphics, video and slide decks
  6. LinkedIn Recruiter for the HR world
  7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Sales and Marketing pros
  8. LinkedIn Lookup (inter-company connectivity)
  9. LinkedIn Elevate for large selected companies and their employees

Thus the need to network on your mobile device has gotten more granular, and you need to think a bit harder where on your mobile device to do whatever you seek to communicate.

No one ever said LinkedIn was easy to use. It takes experience and experimentation.

Let’s fix that portrait-landscape faux pas soon, guys.