uhohBack to the drawing board….

New mobile version 9.0.0 only works in portrait on iPad. Not landscape as the iPad can easily accommodate (if the app is programmed correctly). Don’t waste your time trying to key in a message in portrait looking 90 degrees at a landscape keyboard while typing. Not fun.

We are not alone. Here’s some empathy from the LinkedIn Help Desk chat pages yesterday, into which I have waded. We will have to wait for the next version…

Viewing LinkedIn on iPad

Andy Lowe 20 hours ago in ipad, landscape mode
Since downloading the new update today, I no longer seem to be able to view LinkedIn on iPad in landscape mode, only in portrait. Everything else on iPad is fine. Is this intentional or a fault?

Chris Murphy 17 hours ago
Same problem here. Makes it difficult to use for me.

Matthew Brown 4 hours ago
Totally agree with the other landscape users – why would they change it to portrait – I will just stop using LI if they don’t change it – it feels like an iPhone app and they forgot that most users have another slightly larger device as well!!!!
Marc W. Halpert (just now)
Me too. Yesterday I sent a ticket to the Help Center on this and their reply was: “This feature will be available in an upcoming release of our mobile application. Thanks for your patience.” I am surprised they let this happen. They are better at the details than that. Let’s hope the new version 9.01 comes soon.