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How do you show all your {1 down}s?

NY Times mini crossword puzzle 29Nov15NYTxwordpuzzle

Don’t leave your LinkedIn profile reader puzzled. Help him/her fill in any blanks.

Answer the question: WHY do I do what I do? with your specific skills articulated clearly.

Answer the question: HOW do I do what I do? with the skills endorsements from people who truly know your skills and can attest to them.

Being a finely tuned brand takes work.

1 thought on “How do you show all your {1 down}s?”

  1. one word. correct. and apply the same thinking to all social media profiles. I believe in consistency with the only differences involving how you complete the puzzle with the information needed. I prefer my webpage and try to re-direct there where possible because its “shape” best reflects how I like to present. I do like how LinkedIn evolves so presentation limps even so slowly towards where I argue it should be. Much of my work revolves around messaging and I prefer “my way”.

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