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No longer do we use the word “snarky,” now that we met

lilyReaders, recall that post a few days ago? I had a comment on this blog that demanded my immediate resolution from a friend of a friend who took me to task for not contacting him.

So as previously reported, I boldly called where others dared not call before: to the snark directly and we set a date to meet.

Well, we met yesterday morning and it was a great immediate connection right away. So much to connect around and collaborate on.

We have now connected on LinkedIn as a result as well.

So, from lemons comes nectar.

Or something like that…

3 thoughts on “No longer do we use the word “snarky,” now that we met”

  1. It was my honor and pleasure to meet you sir! Please research the Neighborhood Music School of New Haven and see if perhaps that might be a good referral for you seeing how they are a current client of odonnell company and need lots of work!

    I will keep you posted on if I will be able to attend Gotham. Thanks for the invite!

    – Rob


  2. glad you turned the encounter into something sweet; still think one needs to carefully weigh making the connections; sometimes it makes more sense to move on; in this case, you interacted with someone capable of and willing to grow; not always that case.

  3. I love your posts and look forward to them daily!! Do you use Constant Contact? Also- I have a meeting today with another wholesaler from Mainstay and will be mentioning you Stay tuned Andrea

    Andrea Nierenberg 917-626-8494

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