vote-146962_1280 (1)It’s election day, local and state, and perhaps where you live, some national offices. Exercise your right to vote.

Unfortunately the differentiation one candidate uses to “help” the voter decide between or among candidacies has to be very clear. In my town the candidates line up to greet you before you vote, like I need that 10 second encounter to help me decide. Or to ram the points home, political advertisement on phone, TV, radio, social media (not LinkedIn thankfully!) have fallen into the nether world of trash talk and innuendo, just in case scare tactics will help you decide for yourself.

In the next 365 days there will be much Presidential pontificating and politicking about the next person to bear that burden.

No matter what office or job or project you seek to win or project to be awarded, you must tell your own story. If you can’t, or won’t, tell it well–and I mean with conviction and anecdotes so you can be remembered readily–someone else may tell it for you and that’s a big risk.

Yes, I am also talking about LinkedIn.

Your profile story must resonate with the decider. Your personality and spark must be evident. Your energy to do what others can’t must echo. You have to tell why you do what you do and how you do it. In each section, without repetition.

That’s your platform. From there your immediacy and intentions will carry, where future referral colleagues and potential business partners . People can fall in “like” with you.

Now look at your LinkedIn profile. Would you choose yourself based on what you wrote? Do you need to polish that platform? Is it easy to digest by the casual reader? Do you stand out from the others in your space? Unlike most political races, the field of competitors is vast.

Keep working on it. The selection of you vs. the competitor is a continual event for the entrepreneur.