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You just cannot beat a face-to-face meeting

Name your method of communication. Use it appropriately for the reason intended. How to best use time to re-acquaint and update?

  • Phone? No face time. Never rings. Or it’s a robocall.
  • Email? Misread and it can belie the true intent.
  • Text? Too short and fast to make any impact.
  • Google Hangout is just not the same unless you are hundreds of miles away.

What to do?

Arrange a face to face meeting. That’s just what we did the other day.

coffemeetingShe and I are LinkedIn connections, of course! Facebook friends too. We had emailed with referrals and notes on and off for a couple of years. We even ran into each other at a concert by chance.

But we hadn’t seen each other (eyes to eyes) or spent quality time for a long time and much had transpired in our personal and business lives since.

She was back in town and we made the meet up commitment.

I secured a corner seating area in a quiet, convenient location. She was happy to meet me there, on time as I expected, and we proceeded to catch up.

A very warm conversation. Swapping stories and successes. Discussing near-misses too. Not two gladiators one-upping. Just peers sharing news, ideas and aspirations. Looking out for more ways to enrich the relationship…

Take time to meet. You can’t beat it!

4 thoughts on “You just cannot beat a face-to-face meeting”

  1. I think you and I may of been separated at birth! I was thinking (or maybe Mike has other plans for it today) making my next video about this…can I steal it? LOL

    – Rob 203-641-1714


  2. Always prefer the in-persons. Indeed I look forward to catching up with folks at meetings we both attend and I try to schedule time before and after for such.

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