Following on yesterday’s blog piece

warning-838655_1280Anything with value that is scarce and needs to be earned to create value can be thought of as a currency.

Money of course. LinkedIn as a means of communicating value on business is a currency. Spending and saving both wisely makes economic sense.

But have you also considered attention as a form of currency? Attention to your services, products, cause, mission, values, and perhaps most importantly, the brand of you.

You want others to engage with you and your brand. I know, overused words, “engage” and “brand.”

But we all crave them nonetheless.

Once you have the reader’s attention, how do you keep it again and again? Help is around the bend…

LinkedIn just published an infographic e-book called “Attention is a Currency” that I recommend to you.

attentiuonisacurrencyI cannot properly summarize it and instead will give you the link to download it for your own use.

Why? Because I want you to engage with my brand as someone you can rely on to offer high quality LinkedIn training and materials to help you improve your brand.

Thank you for your attention.