yodaYoda talk.

Wise and pithy.

Got your attention, huh?

Marketing is about capturing the attention and imagination of the reader with memorable and measurable results. My definition, it is.

Twist that definition to social media marketing and the attention span shortens considerably. Like speeding down a superhighway, the billboard of social media marketing must be quickly recognizable and clear, terse and perhaps witty, make an impact.

Twist again to LinkedIn marketing and that definition is now aimed at a high net worth, better educated, demanding globally focused business professional whose media bombardment all day long means you must be a bit better and smarter than the average competitor. Above average doesn’t cut it anymore. Amazing is good. Amazing-er is far better.

Now re-read your entire LinkedIn profile: both your personal and company profile pages, and ask yourself if these comments I just offered make you immensely proud of your image, or as I was once told by an attendee at one of my talks, “I went home and was properly horrified by my profile.”

Either, way, continuing to tweak toward the goal of near-perfection will make you a better marketer. Contribute to the present-day currency of business. But start with yourself because no one can market you as well as you can.

Look for another blog post tomorrow about the currency of business using LinkedIn.