IMG_1348I get the lament all the time: “I don’t get any leads from LinkedIn so I stopped using it.”

A pity. Most people just don’t know how to use it well.  And why do you think the world is coming to knock on your door?!?

Alas, they are seriously shortchanging themselves from their search-ability by business prospects on LinkedIn.

The lesson to be learned here: You must (!) think carefully of the keywords a searcher would use to find you.

These (similar to Google) keywords are the golden terms so you appear in a search. And better, so that you appear towards the top of the search short list.

There are 3 main places that you must knit in keywords to make yourself not only read-ably interesting to LinkedIn humans, but search-ably notable to the LinkedIn electronic search engine of 380+ million records that LinkedIn is:

1) Your LinkedIn Headline

2) Your Summary

3) Your Work Experience

4) Yes I know I said 3, but I think you really need to spend serious thought and time on your Skills section too to improve your search-ability.

OK there you have it, just the start to thinking differently to gain the keys to the kingdom.

Please reevaluate your search terms, like you did on your website, but this time, implement these keywords to improve your business prospects on LinkedIn.