One of my most astute LinkedIn users-amigos asked me,

Whatever happened to LinkedIn introductions? It used to be that if I wanted to connect with one of your connections, there was a button I could click to send you a request to forward my connection request to your connection. You could add a note before sending it on to your connection. This feature seems to be gone. Now, when I click on get introduced in the How You’re Connected section of the profile, the link sends me to my own inbox, which is of no help.

Right, it’s gone. But, there’re work-arounds, and the process works as described in  my recent blog posts in 2 parts. If my astute LinkedIn user-amigo asked, many of you can benefit from my repeating: and

You just have to do some research on LinkedIn and ask someone the target knows that you also know to intervene on your behalf:

LI_intro2One such tangible example occurred for the the other day (example above); I put 2 colleagues together–the names have been masked to protect the innocent. I used the process described in the 2 blog pieces.

There you have it, everyone is served.

Now connect2collaborate away and if I can help you in that endeavor, I would be very pleased to.