So I decided to give you a throw back to a post from a year ago. Still true a year later:

green_red_leavesIn our busy and hurried lives we like to think that complex ideas and issues are resolved in one quick fix, that things are only one solid color, not shades. And that it’s easy to make a complex concept clear to everyone.

Leaves are not always uniformly green and if they once were, they do not stay that way for long.

Nothing is set forever.

So it is with your LinkedIn persona. You need to express the varied sides of you. You change, you travel in the journey of your business life, so must your LinkedIn profile reflect these avenues.

Multipreneurs like me have to show how 2 seemingly different businesses / industries / revenue models come together under one common denominator. And it better be easy to understand!

Think about it, and make the changes that show you now in your best colors and light.