Today's LinkedIn Nugget

A loose lace: a #LinkedIn parable

Teaching LinkedIn is a dangerous sport. An art and not a science.

laceConsider the time(s) I have answered a question by demonstrating on a screen how to accomplish the goal only to find it is no longer where it was yesterday.

In fact, it’s gone!


No worries-it will be back tomorrow or even later today.

LinkedIn trolls play giddily in the background and enjoy themselves immensely making temporary changes or creating gaps.

I hear them giggling when I explain red-faced, “well, it was here yesterday and will be back tomorrow.”

It sometimes means that the section you are looking at will soon change in some way.

So tie on the changes using today’s LinkedIn. They will come loose with time and potentially trip you (me) up.

Then re-tie to keep the positive momentum.

Change is usually good.

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