We all have situations that we think are time sucks, beyond our ability to fix what’s broken, then we panic-no time! what to do?!?

And turn inward. Woe is me. When will I ever be able to pay attention to this/that? Why does the time universe hate me?

Her words. My colleague is feeling the pinch of not enough time to do everything that is needed of her, including updating her LinkedIn profile for some pretty big news she will soon release.

But life got in the way and some situations needed more time than was available. That puts LI_notifyeverything else behind and the gotta-do vortex spins faster.

Stop. Breathe. Reassess.

In her case, there is always time to work on her LinkedIn profile without anyone seeing she is doing it in drips and drabs. On the go via iphone, ipad, or in the office, or at home.

Found on her profile page toward the top right, she flips the switch: from on to off, makes the changes; when finished with the changes, she then switches to on again.

Changes are saved. They are just not communicated to everyone she is connected to.

I like this time saver. She does too.

As she adds her news to her profile in pieces, it will be ready for prime time when the announcement drops. Ta-da.