Death is inevitable, and always too soon, for the ones we collaborate with.

A call came in yesterday from a friend asking how to do this.

If you lose a family member or colleague, LinkedIn has a procedure for removing their profile.

Someone will have to provide the following to LinkedIn on a form that can be found on the link above:

  • The member’s name
  • The URL to their LinkedIn profile
  • Your relationship to them
  • Member’s email address as registered with LinkedIn
  • Date they died
  • Link to obituary or news article
  • Company they most recently worked at or other identifying information for use by LinkedIn

I can understand how LinkedIn has to be careful in asking to for proof in a few ways.

Please be sure this is done, so the name and LinkedIn profile of the deceased member does not come up in a work anniversary (as was the case today for someone I knew and admired) or when someone InMails or unknowingly asks to connect.

I am certain the other social media have similar procedures.