My messaging on LinkedIn has a new format.

Perhaps you noticed it too.

No? Not to worry-LinkedIn rolls these changes in waves. Yours will come.

Rather than summarize the changes, since LinkedIn did a good job explaining, I will provide a screen print of where you can get the “tour.”


Start by clicking the “messages” icon at the top right of any screen (at the downward point red arrow for clarification).

Then open your existing messages by clicking on the white word “messages” in the black field.

Then click the “take the tour” link (at the red upward pointing arrow) for an orientation. It’s fast and useful to know where things have changed.

Benefits and I quote the tour:

  1. Some things have moved around: Your messages are now organized by the people you are talking to. Sent, received and archived messages are all in one place.
  2. Your invitation requests have a new home: Manage your sent and received invitations in one place.

  3. Start a conversation: Get advice from a mentor, message a coworker, or drop a quick note to stay in touch.

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