hatWe all fill various roles in life. Some by choice, some by necessity. How we describe them and identify with them is up to each person.

But as business professionals there are usually a few intersecting roles.

One can be career, one family, one hobbies. one volunteering. Others?

LinkedIn provides ways for you to portray yourself in the roles you want to be known and searched for.

Career: Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself: in terms of what you learned and skills you perfected in your past that makes you who you are today. Not a resume dump, but rather a narrative of why you do what you do. Choose your colors and textures to paint the pictures.

Family: Even tho a personal decision, you should  connect to family members on LinkedIn, root them on, share their accomplishments, etc. Reminder: this is not Facebook, so keep it professional. But expand your connection base to family and relations as they are business people too with their own networks.

Hobbies: Yes, there’s a place for that on LinkedIn: The Interests subsection in Additional Information. I can’t tell you how many times I have been searched  or received an inquiry from fellow hobbyists. And try to convert the “touch” to a business opportunity.

Volunteering: In past blog posts I have advised you how to show what causes and nonprofits you support and how to self-nominate for a pro bono position or board seat. Please get involved. A business person needs to be seen as a community (define in any way you like) contributor (in time, expertise or funding). A community contributor.

You probably wear many hats at once. I do.