building blocksYou have many components to your LinkedIn profile that continually need attention.

Yes, folks, this is not copy-paste from your resume that you place and walk away. Why use the predominant business-oriented social media that LinkedIn is to reproduce a backward-looking document like a resume that is locked in a time warp?

Why not make this your narrative, your story of who you are today based on your past, and your aspirations for the future?

These are your building blocks: past, present, future.

Yes, there is room to breathe among the building blocks. Updating is expected. Once you come to terms with the most articulate way of telling us about yourself, keep adding to the building blocks by updating us on your thoughts and observations (write LinkedIn Posts), with articles you read that may benefit others (share updates on LinkedIn), tell us when you are quoted in an article or publish one yourself (update Publications), or just feel free to tweak what you wrote in the past as your life and career changes.

Your profile is yours to amend and adjust. Build, renovate. Even masterpieces need some sprucing up.

Please update us.