At the top right of your LinkedIn Home page there’s a spot where you are advised of work anniversaries, new jobs and (gasp!) birthdays among your connections.

Notices of new jobs and work anniversaries are a prod provided by LinkedIn to enhance your desire to communicate: re-connect to people you have lost contact touch with or to heartily congratulate the ones you are in steady contact with as well.

You know my disdain for boiler-plate greetings on LinkedIn so why not use this as an opportunity to send a warm and personalized greeting to the recipient? To move a conversation along a bit further? To thank someone for their assistance?

work annivSee left for the way my good friend and colleague (and frequent commentator, so thank you very much) Paul has used my 14 years milestone to send me a personalized message, a great idea and inspiration for what you are reading (listening to) now.

It appears both as an email to me (top) and as a LinkedIn message (below), as you can see. Received two ways, the recipient cannot/should not miss it.

Use work anniversaries and new job announcements wisely and effectively to connect2collaborate. And thank them all for noticing, either in a group message or individually. You know who and why to do one way or the other, depending on the relationship you have or need with the well-wisher.

Let’s leave birthday wishes for Facebook.

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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