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Short but sweet #LinkedIn workshops: reflections

MWHsmallgroup2011Recently I have been making short presentations (30 minutes) to various groups of professionals: PR execs, network groups, nonprofits, and most recently to a roomful of under 30 yo’s.

Each group is different, they challenge this speaker, even when I know the material cold. Each group gets turned on by different things.

I am always ready to take the tangent they indicate, then get us back on the track to the finish line.

The young pros I most recently spoke to were very interested in how to best show their expertise although they are relatively new to the market. More than half of them were attorneys. No wonder, given the competition they face.

One networking group was highly engaged and wanted more. The acid test: we shall see if I can get them to pony up an admission fee for a deep-dive session in the fall.

The PR execs were highly attentive but surprisingly rusty in their knowledge of the changes in LinkedIn. Perhaps they are just too busy. I believe they owe it to their clients to push the LinkedIn part of the PR game.

We all owe it to ourselves to stay abreast of the latest developments in LinkedIn and pounce on the newest opportunities when they present themselves. No matter how seasoned you are, or not.

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