chainBack to my business schedule now that the summer is over.

I sat in a networking meeting of consultants to nonprofits yesterday and the conversation, as always, was highly stimulating.

But one colleague’s comment especially got my brain moving even faster:

Everyone contributes to the need to raise money. 


No surprise. But think about this in a different way:

Even if you are not involved in a nonprofit, the corollary is that everyone who has public contact contributes to the need to make money for the firm, the company, the organization. The accounts receivable clerk, the receptionist who answers the phone, upward. The personal profile pages reflect the company profile page. The company has a brand. It must be reinforced by the sum of its parts.

As previously related in this blog, one of the smarter CEOs I have met thinks everyone in his small company needs to have a great LinkedIn profile.

In his estimation, everyone contributes to the success of his firm, from him to the lower levels.

When each person says “why I do what I do” in his or her own way, the chain is stronger.