newYes, the good folks at LinkedIn are always making changes. This one is pretty good.

The LinkedIn blog the other day (subscribe if you want) has a good analysis of what has been changed in messaging and mail on LinkedIn.


The old mail is giving way to improved short form messaging experience (think: texting or IMing) and will roll out soon, so if you don’t already have it, you will get it in due course.

The old way was clunky. You can see the whole message conversation better now. I wish more people actually held business message conversations on LinkedIn but that’s for another blog posting…I guess it’s hard to compete with email…

You have more ability to see sent invites now. From the Help Center, updated for the new functionality:

Instead of viewing invitations from your Inbox, you can now manage your Sent, Pending, and Blocked invitations from the People You May Know page.

  1. Hover your cursor over the Add Connections icon at the top of your homepage.
  2. Click See all under Invitations in the top right of the drop down menu.
    • Any Pending Invitations you’ve received but have not yet replied to will appear at the top of the page under People You May Know.
    • To view the sender’s message on a Pending Invitation, click on the Quote icon. A box will appear with the invitation message and when it was sent. You can reply to the message by clicking on the Reply icon.
    • To view your Blocked Invitations (if any), click on the People icon in the upper right and select Blocked invitations. Please note the Blocked Invitations page will be blank if there aren’t any.
    • To view your Sent Invitations, click on the People icon in the upper right and select Sent invitations. Only Sent Invitations that are still waiting for a response will be displayed.

Note: You can cancel invitations from this page as well. The ability to delete, resend, forward, and archive Sent Invitations will not be available.

The ability to add GIFs, emojis and paste sticker (do we really need this?), etc. has been added. A little FaceBook-y IMHO.

So in whole, a move forward. Use it! Connect2collaborate.

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